Welcome! My name is Martin.

Capiachi.com was started about 8 years ago as a site to host the stage for my learning period. It's been through alot over the years, everything from being just a coverup domain to being the host for my own blog.

As I've grown in knowledge the site has been punished because of my eagerness to get on new projects and get things working for everyone else but myself. I finally got around to bringing Capiachi.com back to what it once was, a portal for my projects and my intrest in developing great tools for companies and communities. Im starting soft, so bear with me.


GTX 560 problems

Posted the 11 of May - 2012 [11:01] by Capiachi

So I've been testing my system out in different games and I'm really happy considering I didn't pay much for my graphic card. However I have been having alot of problems watching flash related animations/videos and whatnot(Such as Youtube).

I can't really describe my problem, however there is a great video I just found that does:

Right now I'm at work so I cant test the solution this guy presented, but I have read alot on the forums and out of maybe 20 posts, 1 guy has reported his solution not working. So I'm gonna give this a shot. I'll repost or edit this when I have.

EDIT: So it turns out the driver was the problem here, I updated to the latest beta-driver and that solved my problem with flash.

The other problem I had I was very much aware of before I bought the card, this series(Atleast the Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti 1024mb version) seems to have problems with higher end games, such as Battlefield 3. I got this issue to, however, it is easily solved by updating the GPU bios. The new bios and software can be found on Gigabyte's page when looking up the graphics card.

What it basically is, is that the voltage is to low at certain stages in new games.

to sum up
I wanted to make this post to help other people find a solution because I know how frustrating it is to buy something new and this exciting and then have problems with it. And if people are alot like me and watch youtube frequently then this is a major issue, even though it mostly happens when you fullscreen a video.

So if you want to buy this card, then be ready to make some adjustments, it can be a little tricky to find the root to these problems if your not a geek. So I hope this post helps google find my page with regards to this problem.

Untill next time, good luck!

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a new toy to play with

Posted the 28 of April - 2012 [21:51] by Capiachi

So I got myself a new toy, I figured the timing of my old computer starting to act very unstable and the fact that we have alot of new exciting games comming out was the perfect time to make the deal.

I also thought that I would make sort of a timeline blog about this, unfortunetly I'm writing this as I'm pretty much done with the whole setup part. Now it's mostly about installing my old software as I come across it.

my plan for the specs
So I wanted something that could hold out as long as possible and would allow me to build on it for a couple of years. But also would'nt cost me a fortune, while still persuing quality.

My mark for quality has always been Intel and Nvidia, I can't really say why right now. Most of it is based on old memories of how AMD and Radeon could catch on fire. Right now I'm pretty sure they dont have that problem anymore, but old habbits stick right ? Besides I've been using their products for a long time and I find them to suit me best.

the specs
So what did I end up getting ? The list bellow will tell you:
+ MSI Z68A-GD55, socket 1155, ATX motherboard
+ Intel Core i7 2600k, 3,4ghz processor
+ Corsair 8GB DDR3 kit (4GB*2) memory
+ Gigabyte GTX 560Ti OC grafic card
+ Fractal Design 550W, 80+ powersupply
+ Fractal design, Define R3, Black USB3.0 Computer case
+ One sad thing revealed at the near end.

bringing the merchandise home
Speaking of staying true to old habbits, I bought this rig from Inet, they have always had a special place in my heart, think I bought my very first computer there. Thanks to my brother who I think had some connections there or something.

So here it is, the whole package, except for 1 thing that I'll talk more about in the end.

the build
First thing I did was backup all files on my main drive as I had to reformat the disk anyway(besides making all the tech working as it should) I needed the drive cleaned from all the worthless stuff I've been gathering on it for the past year or so since my last reformat.

Then, while my old computer was doing the backups I started to setup the computer case on the floor, unfortunetly I didn't have the lighting I wanted so I had to use my phone from time to time.

It's pretty neat looking, very simplistic. Which I like most of the time. I went for this case because I wanted just that, a simplistic case with some sound filtering to a small price, and here Fractal design really delivered and as you can see on the following image it's really easy to handle if you want to manage your drives and do work inside later on. I really like these setups with the drives to the right pointing that way, makes it so much easier with wiring and all that.

It has a few more spots for HDD's then I'd like but thats okay for the price. I dont want my main computer to be the one having the storage. I plan on getting a server computer and a HTPC to do that for me later on.

putting the first puzzle peace in place
I'm sure there are other ways of doing it, but this is how I've always done it. Pretty much the whole way through. Though I think putting the motherboard in first is what everyone does first.

the next logical step, taking a deep breath.
This is probably the part I hate the most, not that I havn't put a CPU in before. In fact I've done it loads of times. But somehow this always makes me nervous. The processor slides in pretty easy, and the new models that dont have the pins on the actual CPU has made things so much more comportable.

However, putting the CPU fan on is what sucks for me every single time. The plastic on these things together with the force that needs to be used doesn't go well with me. It went fine though, as it pretty much always has.

I think I broke my very first self-build CPU fan back in the day and I remember how much that sucked.

let there be light...
... and there was. Probably the most time consuming part of the build. As I for once wanted to hide most of the wiring to make it easier later on if I want to do something inside here. The computer case allowed for this perfectly as it has like an inch and a half of space behind the motherboard "wall". It was a little picky to make it all work and I think I redid it at one point. But now it will look much cleaner and won't interfere with fans and that kind of thing.

skip a few beats, moving along
So this was actually a mistake, I was meaning to take for photos of this but I just forgot during the way. Here I have mounted the grafic card, the memory sticks and the drives.

If I could redo one thing in the order that I did it in, it would be putting the grafics card in last. Because It takes to much space from putting the drives in place and this probably prolonged the whole thing more then it needed to.

If your wondering why I didn't buy new disks is because they are somewhat new, my SSD drive is probably just a year old at most and I wanna spead out the uppgrades as much as possible. I think there are 3x 500GB and 1x 120GB SSD in there right now. Which is more then I need and to add to that I currently have 2x 2TB external drives hooked up which I plan to connect to my server once I get around to that.

the letdown, my mistake
I think you can see my actual mistake in the above picture if you look hard enough. But to skip to the point is that I thought my DVD burner was a s-ata. I saw this after I installed it and unfortunetly for me it had gotten pretty late. Stores were closed so I just had to wait till the next moring. Think I woke up 3-4 times thinking it must be time... Sad but true, I was missing the final piece of the puzzle.

But I got to the store and got myself a new DVD burner. I thought about a blueray one, but they cost so much and I really don't use CD/DVDs that often anyway. I like to buy most of my things online.

So this is it, the whole thing is complete. I've been stress testing it the whole day now and I'm really satisfied. It holds up to my standards and probably beyond because of the Core i7. Its probably my grafic card that holds me back the most right now. I'll see when and if I get around to fixing that, but this will have to do for a couple of years.

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time.

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the job and the technology

Posted the 19 of September - 2011 [14:37] by Capiachi

So I'm back from vacation and I'm starting to get my hours straight. I really hate how tired you are the first week after the break. I still have problems with mondays though, I usually sleep like 4-5 hours the night between sunday and monday. I slept alot this weekend though so I should be fine tomorrow.

How I manage
I'm starting to get my new job now aswell. I still have some to learn though, security is a totally new way of thinking to me. But its fun, I think this helps me in alot of other areas aswell, you see things alot more out of the box. I view programming security in a new way now aswell, I do need some education on the matter though to fullfill my new knowledge.

Staying up to date with technology
I got a new phone and a new laptop on my vacation aswell. I got myself a Samsung Galaxy S2, which I love right now, finally a phone with the hardware to support the software. I really dislike when manufacturers make phones with stripped hardware and then throw in some dumb software that makes their phone shit. Samsung outdid theirselves on this one I think, its completly oposite to my earlier problem. Wish I had 4g though, would speed up streaming alot. All-in-all I'm happy with the phone, having a smartphone in a workenviorment is a must-have for me.

I also got myself a new laptop from Acer, cant name the model now though. It was a good deal for being so cheap, Core i5 with 6gb of ram and a standard 500gb drive. I mostly made the purchase because I wanted a laptop for when I go out to visit friends and family. Stay connected, right?`

Thats all I have for now, cheers.

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hectic yet refreshing

Posted the 18 of April - 2011 [11:14] by Capiachi

So alot of things has happened since last time I posted here. It's been a hectic few weeks and not alot of room for developement. I hope this new job will inspire me to take on some more projects soon.

A place I can call home..
I got a new appartment about a month ago, its a 1-room, 32 square metres. Not big but its fine for me. I don't need alot of space right now, and beeing picky when seeking an appartment in the city aint something I would recommend.

There's not much left to do in it, just some paintings that needs to go up on the wall. My future plan however is to make it feel more asian-inspired. That's a project I need to put on hold for the moment however.

Going back to where I first started... But still moving forward!
I also got a new job about 1 month ago. I've not yet started but I will be the 2:nd of may. Its at the security department on the hospital I'm currently working at. I worked there for about 5-6 months during 09-10, the employment back then was only set for those months so I couldn't continue after that. But now a spot opened up and I got it.

I will mostly be administrating permissions on door entrances for employees. I have yet to see what my work will be about, but it will be a nice change.

Untill next time!
Best regards,

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up for grabs, in need of a change

Posted the 28 of January - 2011 [22:27] by Capiachi

It's a new year with new endeavors ahead, new horizons to overcome and more thoughts tp cloud the mind. Even though it's technically a new year it does'nt feel any different. Don't worry, the plot thickens.

choosing paths, "brick by boring brick"
It's been a year since i started working on my current job, I feel like I've learned all there is to it and much more. I'm usually the kind of guy that likes knowing more then required, just to know why I'm doing something and not just doing it because I'm told to. As of now I feel overqualified in a way but still feel like I could always learn more. I dont think the later mentioned feeling will go away however. What I do know is that I feel like I've tried this job enough for two lifetimes. Time for a change!

I've recently gotten some interesting offers which I won't rant on to much about. But if everything goes right I'll have to choose a path. Security or IT. If prompted with these bare words I'd go with IT. It's gotten a little complicated however and I feel this might come down to the fineprint on the contract.

What to choose... What to choose..

jailbreak, rough or not?
I've been appartment hunting for a while now, trying to get a decent one in this city is hard. I've gotten some offers, not sure yet if these will hold up.

Getting a new place to stay sure would help alot in my life right now. I could use this as a fresh start if the above jobs check out somehow. I would'nt just get more time to spend but a relaxing feeling of being on my own for a bit.

Thats all I have for now.

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revival of the brotherhood

Posted the 3 of December - 2010 [16:06] by Capiachi

moving back home, the negative and positive
Well today my brother is comming back home from being in Belgium for 2 months. It feels good to have him back here in Sweden, my brother is one of my best friends and we do alot of things together. This however means that I'll have to move back home, which is both good and bad.

The obvious good reason for living in his appartment was the short distance to work, I had about 15-20 minutes to work. I saved about 1 hour and 20 minutes sleeptime every night. Now when I move back home I'll have about 1 hour to work and 1 hour home.

Alot of my energy and wellbeing came from having time for things. This now being gone feels rough, especially since Im really not the morning person.

Thats all I really have for today. My mother and my brothers girlfriend are picking me up any second now so we can go get my brother at the airport.

Best regards,

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the sickness that followed, work has its toll

Posted the 25 of October - 2010 [19:51] by Capiachi

It's gone more time then I would have liked between my posts, I was sick for a week after getting home from belgium. It was worth it to see how my brother has it down there.

a city that blew my mind
It's alot nicer then I would have imagined. The churches are amazing to say the least, I dont think I've seen bigger in my life. I hope I can upload some pictures from that trip, unfortunetly I only have one picture so far. I'll probobly be able to post more, this however is just a picture taken with a phone so the quality is very bad.

There were about 3 of these big churches in close quarters of eachother(not sure they all were churches but they looked like it). We went into 2 of them I think, they are basically hollow inside so the work that people put down to build these buildings is amazing. I guess the church had some cash back then ? Religion was balanced...

stranded on my couch for a week
Unfortunetly I got very sick when getting home from the trip. I had stomach aches with the following cold after that. First day back working last monday I just could'nt handle the whole day so I went home after lunch. The comming day I also got the cold and it was bad. I'm actually not 100% yet but this I can handle.

Not sure why this cought on though, from what I've heard alot of people have had problems with food down there but I dont think it was that. The cold was probobly from us sleeping at a B&B without working heating.

putting the cards on the table
Im currently not very fond of my work. It's not at all what I want to be doing. It being a hospital enviorment and having alot to do with patients is'nt really what I want to be doing. So Im feeling more and more down about working there. I'll go through my whole workrelation later though.

Im still very tired from beeing stranded on a couch for a week so I'm still recovering from not having a correct sleeping scheme.

Sorry I havn't been doing any work on the site as of yet. I'd love to get my commenting system working soon to get some feedback going. I'll be prioritizing my other project I'm working on though so we might not see an update this week. I'll keep you posted as we go.


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the trip our family needs

Posted the 13 of October - 2010 [19:47] by Capiachi

Hello there!

It feels nice to be blogging so shortly after release of this site. Although it needs alot of work(which Im working on as I type here) I feel more safe and relaxed having the site atleast up.

What have I been up to ?
I've been working on a project on the side for two weeks which will be interesting. Were building sort of a CMS system for this company that does construction and demolition. From what I've heard it's not so much the construction of houses but roads. Anyway, they wanted a system that does the paperwork for them. Like how much time they've spent on an ongoing project so that they can later send the check. In short its pretty easy and we've done well so far.

So as you may have guessed, doing this site for that company sparked my intrest in doing some work right now on the site. Not sure how far I'll get though as Im actually going to Belgium tomorrow which I'll be going into later in this post. The functions Im currently working on is'nt the commentingsystem unfortunetly, you'll have to wait a little longer for that I think. I was inspired by the work I did this week on the CMS system and wanted to get my projectsystem working so I can input my hours spent on a project and keep an eye on that. Its good fun and I hope to be launching it soon. You guys will be able to check in on my projects later on and see what I'm doing.

The trip I've been waiting for
Yeah, I'm going to Belgium. The reason behind this whole trip is that my brother is doing practical training down there on Volvo. He's going to be gone for 9 weeks so we thought we would go visit him now. He's only been gone 2 weeks so far but we had to fit it into our schedule. Its going to be alot of fun, so Im looking forward to it.

This is going to be it for todays blog, Im very tired and want to get on with programming before I have to do my packing and such.

Best regards,

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the day the web stood still

Posted the 9 of October - 2010 [01:53] by Capiachi

Im sure you've all been wondering whats happened over the last couple of months, Im not really sure what to tell you except that I did'nt make time for this site. As I've grown impatient with myself over this time I finally sat down today and did the last work which was needed to launch this new and improved YET unfinished site.

What i hope to bring...
...is blogging to start of with and lets just leave it at that. The site is still a bit unstable but Im working most of it out as we go this weekend.

Anyway Im tired and Im heading to the movies tomorrow to see Inception(total mindf**k from what I've heard) so I want to be awake for that.

Cheers guys, more updates as we go.
Best regards, Martin

PS. let it be known that some functions has'nt been enabled yet, like commenting. Im aware of this and it will be added soon.

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