About me

This is me
My name is Martin Hermansson and I'm a webdeveloper. I'm 24 years old and I currently reside in a city named Gothenburg, Sweden.

What I do for a living
I work at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Security department. I administer door-permissions for employees and handle the electronic equipment required to manage door-security at our hospital.

What I love
In my spare time I develop administrative websystems for my clients/friends/communities around the world. Everything from simple contact pages to CMS systems.

My future
I'm not sure what it holds in store. But I hope I end up doing something with developement.

Capiachi ?
It's a computer nickname, something alot of computer geeks like myself go by when we do stuff through the computer.

It doesn't mean anything special that I know, I just like the asian culture alot and the spelling of it sort-of comes from a mix of their languages, so it got to stay around.


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